Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Phin Conference Experience

Hi all, here's my phin conference experience. Considering the fact that I have never attended a professional conference of this size, its safe to say, I was truly impressed. At the same time, it gave a lot of perspective on where we fit in the big picture. I especially liked the format, where they kept 3 speakers per session so it never felt like its dragging. But all in all a lot of information to consume and analyze. I really liked the session about MedLEE and the application outlining the research grid services by Wayne Loschen. Also had a long chat with Ron Price about the various aspects of security evaluation of the Grid. I also enjoyed Vaugh Mcmullin's presentation about the impelementing a Data Grid leveraging Secure reliable transport, clustered node data sets using existing open source and concepts utilized by PHIN with one particular point of emphasis being making application device independent. To add further, it was a really good idea to assemble on thurday, following the conference, with all the grid collaborators and outline next steps and focussing on preventing redundancy of work. All in all, I would say an enriching experience which will lead to bigger things in terms of Grid research.

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