Friday, September 26, 2008

Another demo done.

We had another demo today. This time it was not rushed into a short amount of time and involved a lot more discussion of "Okay, but how do we make something we actually want to use as opposed to something that shows off what we can do?"

The next steps seem to be collecting lots of use cases and then going to NPDS (National Poison Data Service) and seeing if more filters and server-side aggregation can be had.

In the meantime, I cleaned up the demos a bit more, so now I can transfer them to different machines with fewer issues, but I am sort of along with the demo people in that I want to start morphing these things into actual products that people will want to use. It's just that a lot of it involves several discussions and typing out a lot of ideas on paper and then having people question the ideas because the way it looks in your head wasn't transferred adequately (thus you have to explain it 5 different ways until you find the one that sticks... you might also have to just repeat yourself a lot).

In other news, I have seen this pretty thing made by ESRI called Digi-Net, and it looks like I might be getting some training in how to do neat things with Digi-net. But until then it's lots of thought-cud to paper.

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