Thursday, September 11, 2008

I can access the PoiConDai WSDL... but it's returning "any"

So, I spent most of today putting together a little program to test the webservice.

I have gotten to the point where I can get the webservice to respond... and it seems to not be throwing any errors...

But there is a problem.

The return type of the webservice is marked as "any"

As opposed to laying out the return type and defining the structure of the object (which really should be the point of any webservice)... the WSDL defines the "any" type, therefore axis makes no attempts to seriealize or deserialize the object being returned, and I am pretty much going to have to go into the big bucket of XML parsing to deserialize all the data myself.

I might be able to patch the structure back into a local WSDL and regenerate the that I can read what the format is... and get AXIS to do it for me, but we'll see.

Maybe introduce has better metadata introspection, but I doubt it. Either way... it's a whole bunch of annoying extra work.

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