Monday, September 22, 2008

caBIG and Security

Per the caGRID Wiki:

Security is an especially important component of caBIG™ both for protecting intellectual property and ensuring protection and privacy of patient related and sensitive information. caGrid 1.0 provides a complete overhaul of federated security infrastructure to satisfy caBIG™ security needs, incorporating many of the recommendations made in the caBIG™ Security White Paper, culminating in the creation of the Grid Authentication and Authorization with Reliably Distributed Services (GAARDS) infrastructure. GAARDS provides services and tools for the administration and enforcement of security policy in an enterprise Grid. caGrid 1.1 represented a major thrust to deploy GAARDS to the cancer research community, in that its release is timed and informed by the first set of policies and procedures created by the caBIG™ Security Working Group. The Security Working Group is a collaborative effort of the caBIG™ Architecture and Data Sharing and Intellectual Capital (DSIC) Workspaces that is intended to create and implement security policies to enable data sharing across the caBIG Federation. The initial policies in place for caGrid 1.1 formalize the envisioned Levels of Assurance for credentials in the grid, and detail the policies and practices of a credential provider adhering to the initial Level of Assurance (LOA1) which will govern the baseline credentials all caBIG™ participants may use. caGrid 1.2 adds support for credential delegation with the Credential Delegation Service (CDS), and provides a solution for integrating grid security with web applications, in the form of the Web Single Sign On (WebSSO) project.
GAARDS was developed on top of the Globus Toolkit and extends the Grid Security Infrastructure (GSI) to provide enterprise services and administrative tools for:

Grid user management
Identity federation
Trust management
Group/VO management
Access control policy management and enforcement
Integration between existing security domains and the grid security domain

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