Friday, September 19, 2008

Demo Results.

So, the first demo of the day on Wednesday went really well. Everything worked, everyone had their talking points ready, everyone was impressed. Then we had the second demo which no-one knew would be happening... and luckily everything worked, everyone had their talking points ready, and everyone was impressed.

One of the major developments that came from the demo has already been described by Ken: try and make minimum data set WDSLs and public health appliances. Tom, Jeremy, Ken and I had a big discussion today and we were pretty much focusing on three things:

- An instructional toolkit for web-services
- "Here is how you can use any number of these webservice tools (AXIS, .NET, Introduce, etc) to create a service, here is how you can secure them (globus, caBIG, etc)
- The ideal WSDL
- "here is the WSDL for summarized data you should use or be very-close to"
- A black-box implementation, with open code, so not actually very black box
- "here is an example service implemented completely. Just set it up to point to your databases and open up the ports"

In addition to that, I have been slowly building the ideal RODSAdai description document so that we can start coding next steps for that application and get some more focused feedback from the guys at OGSA-DAI. I imagine that OGSA-DAI and RODSAdai will form a backbone for the black-box application described above.

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