Tuesday, September 30, 2008

NCPHI KM Web Services

I spoke with the former technical steward for the NCPHI Decision Support Framework Services to determine how difficult (or easy) it would be to move them into a lab environment so that public health can invoke them (currently, the services are only available within the CDC network).

There are three services:

  • UMLS Vocabulary Service- This connects to the socket interface at NLM and provides a web services method of access. This could be moved into the lab environment by standing up a windows server that has access to the NLM socket interface.

  • Controlled Health Thesaurus Vocabulary Service- This servcice provides access to the CDC CHT. In order to move this service into the lab it would be necessary to stand up a windows server with a copy of the CHT database (an open collection of vocabulary terms in a 5-8GB format).

  • Knowledge Gathering Service- this service provides access to content across internal and external web sites through a search appliance. It is a bit more complicated to bring into the lab as the lab has no access to CDC resources. So this service would be modified with a new configuration that only used externally available sources.

So this is good progress around how existing CDC developed web services can be accessed by the PHGrid partners.

Does anyone have use cases that require access to vocabulary such as UMLS or CHT and would benefit from having access to a web services (SOAP/WSDL) interface?

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