Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Code the need.

So, I am excited to say that I got the JBoss server unbound to localhost. The best guide I found for opening up the server for production and removing all of the dangerous programs was here: http://www.jayson.in/programming/how-to-configure-jboss-as-production-settings-and-tuning-tips.html

So, I managed to get JBoss unlocked, and then found out that there is a lot of location-specific stuff that is not sitting in a properties file, but is instead sitting in hard code.

This is bad.

Thus, in addition to massaging the PoiConDai server to be nicer, I am going to be massaging RODSadai and RODSAdai-web to better handle being placed on different servers... because trying to remember the immediate coding environment specifics is really annoying and should just be able to sit in the given JBoss environment.

Otherwise, more demos soon, yay.

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