Sunday, September 7, 2008

Open Source Collaborative Disease Surveillance Software

TriSano [pronounced "tri-SAH-no"]:

"Collaborative Software Initiative today announced the launch of the TriSano application and community. TriSano is an open source, citizen-focused infectious disease surveillance system that allows local, state and federal entities to collaborate for the good of public health. With TriSano, the Collaborative Software Initiative provides a forum in which subject matter experts (i.e., doctors, nurses and epidemiologists) and software developers work together to facilitate the creation of citizen-centric public health applications. This innovation ensures application features meet the specific requirements of each jurisdiction, allowing public health employees to achieve the goal of protecting lives."

"The TriSano™ Eye represents a zooming (micro/macro) view on disease detection and prevention. That is as close as I'm ever going to get to a bird of prey reference in a product. I love birds of prey. They have binoculars for eyes just like TriSano. Its true. Look it up:"

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