Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Integrating caGridTransfer and RFT

I participated in a conference call with Justin Permar and Shannon Hastings to discuss the possibility of integrating caGridTransfer Service with RFT. Some interesting points came up during the meeting:

  • To date no one has suggested the integration of caGridTransfer Service with RFT but Justin will bring the topic up on some upcoming calls that he currently participates in to determine if interest exists in other domains
  • Justin will have further discussions with Shannon, Ravi (Madduri), and Rachana Ananthakrishnan to discuss feasibility of using caGridTransfer Service with RFT
  • Shannon pointed out that caGridTransfer Service persists transfer information and adding in automated restart capability for transfer would not be difficult to add
  • Justin would like an informal explanation of the drivers behind the desire to use caGridTransfer Service with RFT. I will provide him with this information by Oct. 1 at the latest
  • Justin would also like to know if there is a definitive timeline for the integration of caGridTransfer Service with RFT. I will speak with stakeholders and provide this information back to Justin.

All in all it was a good first call.

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