Thursday, July 16, 2009

Updated GIPSEService (finally)

I updated the GIPSE BioSense service so that it uses the 6/30 GIPSE data structure draft.

The GIPSEService can read from any jdbc data source and is configurable by editing the db.gipse.table property to point to the view/table name that contains the GIPSE data.

Also note that if you are upgrading your service, but not your data store (still using amds_extract) you should set the following properties in your file:

This service is built to share the BioSense aggregate counts using the required stratifiers (date, state/zip5/zip3, indicator, count) so it will not use age, service area / disposition nor facility even though the schema supports these optional stratifiers.

There is a lot of buzz around adding age, so the next version may end up supporting the age optional stratifier with a couple of age groups.

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