Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Introduce Quirks

I am noticing a few strange differences between my GIPSEPoison and the GIPSEServices written by Brian and Chris....

First, when I created my project, the prefix that showed up for the service ([service url]/[prefix]/[ServiceName]) was "cagrid" instead of something like "gipse". Brian and I found that the property "service.deployment.prefix" in the deploy.properties file defines the prefix. Might be handy for anyone else who wants to change their service prefix from cagrid.

Another strange thing I have noticed is that my autogenerated code throws "RemoteExceptions" while Brian and Chris' autogenerated code throw "Exceptions"... I am not sure what quirk caused that or why they are different... Perhaps I got a slightly different version of introduce. But, it all compiles together, and I hope that it ends up working.

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