Monday, July 20, 2009

GIPSE and Introduce.

Greetings all,

As you can see from a few posts below, Brian changed a few of the elements of what used to be the AMDS service into the GIPSE service. Thus, I spent a lot of time modifying grid viewer to attach to GIPSEServices in several of our local installations (and debugging said modifications). But that didn't stop me from playing with Introduce and GIPSEPoison.

I am hoping I did the setup correctly (and many thanks to Brian for helping me and Chris to doing a lot of legwork with the code before me). This time around we are trying to use the same namespaces and packages with the hope that the client generated for the Biosense GIPSEService will work with the NPDS GIPSEService. The hope is that if you want to create a service, and you import the schema from the wiki/sourceforge/ncphi-site and stick to using the same namespace... it should be readable by the gridviewer.

Right now, I have gotten it to the "building but not deployed/tested" phase for the relatively simple metadata query, and I am going to poke it tomorrow to see if grid-viewer can pull the metadata without "this isn't the operation I expected" errors.


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