Thursday, July 23, 2009

GIPSEPoison getting closer

Today I spent some time playing with GIPSEPoison trying to see if I could invoke the service... it seems I could but I kept getting caught up in classpath issues... first needing to import Dr. Jeremy Espino's CXF client for accessing the NPDS service... and then talking a bit with Brian about how he set up the build scripts to include data (properties files) from a "resources" directory in the classpath. So tomorrow I have a good list of things to tinker-with that will hopefully successfully punt data from npds through GIPSE and to the grid viewer.

Then I need to clean up a bit of the fun javascript logic around the magical autopopulating drop-downs (there are some strange inital load issues).

Otherwise, I have gone ahead and made a service registry entry for gridviewer to help aid people who want to install and set up their own gridviewers. I have also added some database definitions to the database loader project to help aid in geodata creation and described their use in that entry. Right now one needs to build and install the gmap-polygon project before they are able to build and use gridviewer, and it has pointed out to me that it's an annoying step that could probably be replaced with a no-props version of the gridviewer jar... so I am going to look into doing that soon as well.


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