Wednesday, July 8, 2009

GIPSE Store update

I just updated the amds-db project so that it is renamed to gipse-store to update the database structure to support new stratifiers. Now the database structure supports new optional stratifiers of:
service area (e.g. ED, Outpatient, Inpatient, etc.)

in addition to the required stratifiers of:
region (zip5 and/or state)

Note, although the GIPSE store supports these new indicators, the BioSense GIPSE service will still only use the indicator and region stratifiers.

I'm making this change to support storage from the BioSense HIE feeds as well as adding in additional stratifiers that may be used by the CoEs and Regional Collaboratives.

Next up is the change to the AMDSService to rename to GIPSE.

This project has ddl and seed data for PostgreSQL (we use this for dev) and SQLServer (we use this for production). Should anyone require another RDBMS please let me know (or add them yourself).

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