Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A cool little service registry example

I came across the Mebrane SOA Registry yesterday and thought it was a good example of a really lean service registry that is highly functional. It has basic publish/search capability, but I like how it integrates clients for testing services (you can call from the web site) and also digg like behavior of letting users rate services.

This matches a lot of the rhetorics PHGrid has been talking about.

Unfortunately, the source code isn't released yet (they plan to later this year) but I like how this is a thin response to the usually pretty weighty chunk of software for registries.

It also has a really nice little generic SOAP client for testing public services that I find useful for when I don't have soapui installed on a machine. Comes in handy with the NHIN CONNECT test cases.

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Ken said...

Very cool. Let's keep on eye on it.