Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Gmap Polygon and Grid Viewer are now essentially doing cumulative searches... it's just not displaying them in any particular order... Thus tomorrow will be spent creating some updated pinpoint libraries (pinwheel), modifying the flot-plot screens, adding a "clear map" function... and filtering to make sure that empty data sets aren't added.

Also, there is a distinction for "empty set". If servers are queried and no data comes back, I'll show the pinpoints/polygons as empty. If, however, a search is run without any servers selected.... it will be considered an empty set and not added to the search tree.

Thus, when you first load the page, you'll get a map of the US, but there will be no pinpoints until you actually search for data. This behavior can change, of course, but for now it will help debug the behavior of how data is added.

Then, it's testing to see how it all behaves, and seeing whether a collection of collections will suffice or whether I will have to upgrade it to a map of some sort (a bit more complex to navigate, but probably much better "make sure these are in order" behavior)

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