Monday, July 13, 2009

Client flexibility.

So, one of the little issues that cropped up over the last couple of days is that if you do not really watch how you set up your service in Introduce... there is a very good chance that it will use new packages and namespaces and use an entirely different service in the generated service code.

Right now I am using the client half of the client/server code that was generated by introduce for GIPSE-Biosense. Meanwhile, the client half of the client/server code that was generated by introduce for GIPSE-Poison was different.

Really different. Different packages different.

This means I would have to import both the clients of GIPSE-Poison and GIPSE-Biosense and have logic in my code to differentiate between the servers being called to get data from both... and the idea of having to do that for every service someone wants to generate makes the solution not scalable.

Thus, a big focus over this upcoming week is going to be making a very flexible client. I was chatting with Jeremy about things like Yahoo Pipes and he also just pointed out that the data is XML and I could probably just run things through an XSLT to get data from one point to another... and it was a really good idea. Hopefully, it means that all one would have to do is create an XSLT in case their schema didn't match ours exactly and drop somewhere in the classpath of gridviewer and set a few properties to say "this might need a bit of extra processing" and then gridviewer will be able to display the data.

Also, I am going to be thinking of pinwheels and set-the-URL pushpin styles... but I am not sure if I am going to be able to get to them this week.

- Peter

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