Thursday, July 9, 2009

Got multiple region searches.

Part of the improvements that will hopefully deploy successfully tomorrow is the ability to have multi-region searches.

So, there will be a new button that says "add to current" which, when pressed, will add data without clearing off the old data. This means you can have all the zip3s in Florida post next to all the zip3s in Georgia in case you want to compare between the two.

Currently, there is no way to differentiate between two searches on the same region (so if you select for all the zip3s in Georgia for one condition, and then add all the zip3s in Georgia for another condition... it will just overwrite the first set)... this is going to be part of a suite of improvements that allow for different sorts of pinpoints (pinwheel) and probably for selecting regions and legends.

But, I think it's neat and I hope you will too (and I actually got it working yesterday but spent a lot of yesterday and today debugging it, as I essentially had to rip apart the gmap-polygon project to get it working (and I branched before I did, thank goodness))


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