Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tracking Changes

The phgrid sourceforge project is now configured to use sourceforge tracking to track changes to the PHGrid projects. So far, there are two active trackers: Feature Requests and Bugs.

The group has been very active in developing out services and demo apps, now that activity will be even more transparent by tracking the changes as they are submitted, prioritized, assigned, developed and tested.

The sourceforge tracker has rather obvious limitations (fixed workflow, no assigned tester field, on and on) but it's free. Any suggestions are appreciated.

This can also be used by the community to suggest new features, services or bugfixes.

To support this tracking, I'm recapping our development workflow below (which is available as a pretty graphic on the wiki):

  1. User Enter Feature/Bug with description (with or without use case)

  2. Admin Prioritize/Assign change

  3. Developer creates (or updates if use case exists) and posts use case, use case is reviewed

  4. Developer codes change in new branch with automated unit testing (JUnit, etc)

  5. Developer assigns change to tester (other than developer)

  6. Tester reviews code and either approves (go to #7) or notes required changes (go to #3)

  7. Developer committs change to trunk/release

  8. Admin closes Feature/Bug

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