Thursday, October 9, 2008

Automated deployment of a virtual machine

At Utah...

Dr. Julio Facelli and Ron Price chatted about the need to bring the grid service to the data.
So, they pinged Argonne about an automated deployment of a virtual machine that when stood up is the grid service that the data needs.

Ravi Madduri <> responded:

Ron, We have been playing around with similar idea in gRAVI development where we create a grid service wrapper around an executable and also contextualize a VM that can host the application and the service on demand. There is a set of ant tasks that can be used to deploy gRAVI services ( or any gar ) to the nimbus cloud. Here is the README for this tool. It is a functional prototype, but you need an account on the nimbus cloud.

See previous post (<-click here) for further details about the nimbus cloud.

Ron will update as he progresses along this line.

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