Thursday, October 9, 2008

Poicondai is getting some more love

So, after I just got to the base of how to get Introduce to do things (with many, many thanks to Felicia) despite a whole lot of demos going on... I am now given charge to give the Poicondai-web app some more nift (as it can stand to be more nifty).

Thus, I have written down the next steps of RODS-GDBC in the RODS-GDBC wiki-entry. And now I shall go into the next set of requriements for Poicondai-web.

  1. Use the basic test of NPDS-Web to make sure the condition list operates properly
  2. If so, code a drop down of the possible choices, and discover which choices return higher results and indicate them in some way (star, different color)
  3. Get a spatial series and use a pinpointed google map.
  4. Make that a shaded polygonal google map
  5. Make histograms when you click on the zip
  6. Work out one histogram for multiple zips.

Numbers 4, 5 and 6 get more optional as time becomes an issue. Also, someone with better web design skills than me is going to be looking at using some pretty RSS and making things a bit shinier and appealing than my usual non-centered engineer-interface JSP.

I am actually sort of excited, sprucing up a demo means that people liked what we did and are anxious to see it do more. I'll try my best to not keep them waiting.

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