Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Globus service testing using SoapUI

One of the tools I like to use to test out web services is SoapUI (because it is free, open source, 100% Java and other superlatives). So far this is useful for calling public (anonymous access) services, but for secure services it didn't work out.

From the gt-users mailing list, Joel Scheider emailed me to let me know:

Using soapUI, it is possible to pass a client-side SSL credential to a web Service, e.g., for GSI Transport (TLS) authentication, but it's necessary to first convert the public/private key into Java keystore format, as described in Appendix A of this document:

Instead of creating a proxy certificate, this method uses the client certificate directly, so delegation is not supported, but TLS authentication still works.

soapUI also claims to support WS-Security, but I haven't personally tried using that feature yet.

Thought this may be helpful for anyone else who needs a quick way to call Globus services.

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