Tuesday, October 21, 2008

new techs on old demo

Today I managed to finish sprucing up the poicondai demo with better logging, and better handling of the new zipcode lists. I also started my research of the JQuery show/hide toggle so I could show/hide the raw zip-code list unless data was to be specified.

Tomorrow I hope to complete the show/hide, and get a prelim set of geographical outlays in poicondai with count bubbles. It will look a lot like rodsadai.

Otherwise, today we had a cool meeting on security, and we are going to doing a lot of data and application classifications and start laying out all of the different standards and policies... and just looking upon our data with more of a "security" eye. Thus, I am meeting a lot of new security focused folks who ask the important, retrospectively obvious questions about what services are present and what sorts of fields are used and whether they might be dangerous when boxed up and shipped somewhere to someone who hasn't seen them before.

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