Monday, October 6, 2008

Planning and such.

So, RODSAdai and Poicondai are documented, fleshed out, and there ready for people to consume and ask-questions about if people want to recreate them or install them in new places.

The next step is to essentially re-create the OGSA-DAI end of RODSAdai using CaBIG's Introduce framework. Introduce, for all intents and purposes, seems to be really really good at generating a full-out service skeleton and having the tools to package up everything into a .gar file (which is the deployable for a globus toolkit server).

Thus, instead of OGSA-DAI at a given location accepting a query, this will be parameters passed into a webservice. Whether those parameters will be a query or just some filter values will be a discussion for Jeremy (because if they are just filter values, it becomes that much easier to prevent against SQL Injection attacks by using a prepared statement). Also, it will be interesting to see how well parameterized the connection logic could be and whether it would be as universally installable as ogsadai (it probably would not be as versatile).

Otherwise, we haven't really investigated the Dallas slowness at this point, I will also have to ask Jeremy if that Pitt node has been set up or not. I have a few ideas for what to try, but we will see.

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