Thursday, October 2, 2008

PHGrid Service Registry 0.1 (beta)

When the PHGrid collaborators met after the PHIN Conference, one of the ideas was to set up a place where all the PHGrid collaborators can share descriptions of services they developed, services they are planning or even services they want to develop.

I just created a very basic service registry on the wiki available at that contains the services that have been developed or that I know of as of now.

This registry initially serves as a human readable repository of service information, but eventually we will extend this with a UDDI registry and Index services that provides a standards based search for services.

This is of course a tiny step, but it is a start. Now we just have to get each service provider add in details and links for their services. Peter took the first step and went ahead and created a page for the RODSA-DAI services and client. This can be used as an example for how other services can be documented.

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