Friday, October 24, 2008

The data, it is in the database.

So today, I managed to get the polygons for the ~3500 counties into a database.

I used maven (and found some places where maven was being very odd). I used SAX (and found some places where SAX was being very odd). I used eclipse (and.. well, you get the idea).

It was one of those weird coding days... where I was pressed on only by the faith I had that I could get it working and that my brain had set it all up in my mind. And thankfully that seems to be the case. I was going to try and just brute force REGEX/parse the XML string into the objects I needed without using any sort of XML parser (because I wasn't that familiar with SAX/DOM/Etc) but I found out that I couldn't really think of a way to do it... and that is a good thing because I'm sure whatever I would have turned out would have been a candidate for some of those "LOL at this horrible code" type websites.

Instead, I have a little SAX parser that is elegant, fast, and coupled to a little prepared-statement inserter that is also elegant and fast. And I should be able to use it relatively quickly for when I need to load zipcodes.

Now, the next big step ahead of me is to finalize the "pull these counties and then draw these counties" map for poicondai. Then I also have to do the same thing for zip codes. And then make everything look better.

Here's to demonstrations.

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