Monday, May 4, 2009

Upgrading Globus on Training

As you look at the training node, you will notice two new Globus directories in /usr/local. These directories are globus-4.0.8 and globus-4.2.1. Both are upgraded builds of Globus that are currently being tested on the training node.

The Globus 4.0.5 installation will remain intact until testing has been completed. When testing is completed, the system wide profiles will be updated to run the upgraded Globus installation by default.

In other news, the CA Grid Transfer service has been undeployed from the current installation of Globus for troubleshooting purposes. This service will be redeployed to the Tomcat container after the issue is resolved.

Current Error:
avax.servlet.ServletException: Failed to initialize 'cagrid/TransferServiceContext' service [Caused by:]

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