Friday, May 8, 2009

Planned updates.

Getting data into gridviewer has been a bit cantankerous... but now that it's there I know what I want to happen over next week.

- Update the structure of the grid-viewer to deal with items on an available versus selected. Having all the states show up when the service only allows for the Southeastern ones is going to be confusing... Thus, limit the possible selections to what is available. The same goes for services (if metadata could not be fetched for a service, don't let it show up as an option). The other added bonus is allowing for multi selection of regions... thus, you can pull data back for zip3s in two different states.

- Update the graph popups to populate zero values in a time series, as opposed to having them populated upon a service return. It's a bit complicated and behind the scenes, but it essentially moves some workload around and should speed up the client by having it do less work upon return.

- Start working with diversified clients. Things on different computers. Things behind different servers. Things in different states.

- Add bullets, and server return versus view render times.

- Have a histogram view, and update the time series to allow for differentiation of data source.

Either way, I am excited.


Anonymous said...

I just looked at your web demo and it appears to be broken. There is a message about the Google Map API rejecting the request. If this is the best the CDC can produce then it is a pitiful shame.

Brian Alexander Lee said...

Thanks for your comment. Fortunately, this is not the best that CDC can produce. What you're accessing is our training node where we deploy our latest code release every Friday. This means you will see bugs and stuff that isn't necessarily pretty. This is positive because you can see progress weekly, rather than waiting for a big bang release. So you won't see this error after this Friday's build and deployment.

If you'd like to see the Google Map API in action, please try one of our three other fully operational sites that use google maps.

To be more constructive, please help us by submitting a bug on our bug tracker at

Or even better, contribute to the source code that runs the grid viewer to improve its quality.