Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A few things...

I have been busy with a few things over the past couple of days:

I upgraded GridViewer and Quicksilver so that they used timers (so that one can see which proportion of waiting lies in service calls or data rendering) and had an option for plotting pinpoints instead of polygons (pinpoints being that much faster and clear-cut, polygons looking neater and showing better spatial orientation). Quicksilver also has a link to metadata for servers so you can see what data is avialable from a particular server.

Right now I am working on making grid viewer behave based on what the servers can provide, this means tailoring the lists (states, zip3s, zip5s, conditions) so that one can only select regions that a server can provide data-for, and not everything in the region-relations table or conditions properties. I am hoping to have all the regions and the conditions selecting appropriately tomorrow, that way it will become much less confusing which regions have been asked-for.

After that, more User Interface niftiness is planned. Including hover-over for metadata stats, and a server list that changes based on the selected regions and conditions, but first I want to get the service pulling back data more reliably.


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