Wednesday, May 6, 2009

AMDS Architecture clarification

After talking with Tom, Barry, John and Ken I thought it would be useful to clarify some of the ideas we have around the AMDS architecture. You can view the full page on the wiki, but I'll describe the concepts a little here.

Option #1 for AMDS is what we've typically be dealing with. A grid node is installed as a publisher and the publisher runs an AMDS service to query the biosurveillance database and return the counts based on the query. This requires hosting a service and getting your IT organization to open up port 443 for internal connections.
AMDS Publisher Architecture

Option #2 for AMDS is what we're calling the producer-collector scenario. Some partners cannot/will not host a service. To accomodate this, they generate AMDS reports containing only aggregate data and transfer it to a collector node. CDC doesn't want to be the collector node, but they may need to be to demonstrate the capability. These periodic reports are received and loaded into an AMDS store.
AMDS Producer-Collector Architecture

And if we put these both together, we see that producers send data to collectors, collectors then store the data in a database where a publisher can access it. Of course, there will be publishers that connect directly to biosurveillance data sources.
AMDS Full Architecture

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