Wednesday, May 20, 2009

AMDS Technical updates

I added a project called db-importer that can be used to import CSV (and eventually xml) AMDS extracts into an AMDS Store database based on the schemas we're using at CDC. This isn't the fastest or best importer, but it works on MS SQLServer and PostgreSQL and will be used to bring in daily report extracts from systems like BioSense.

I also talked a bit with Vaughn to transition over his projects. I'll be fixing up / re-writing AMDSCore and AMDSPoison over the next few weeks in time for the PHIN Conference until we find another Java developer.

Finally, we had a productive meeting with the PHIN Messaging steward and team about ways to directly collaborate in the solution development of PHGrid, PHINMS and PHIN-SRM. Nothing major was covered, but lots of good ideas that we'll follow up on in the near future.

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