Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ok it’s been a month now since I have been on the team and I have completed my first service. Following my philosophy of service development, I have now checked in the code under AMDSCore and can be seen here. I have created the complete service implementation that is based on the common or core components. Additionally I have provided a client implementation that is compatible with the provided service. Detailed instructions for building, configuring and running the service are here. Currently, the service is not using security. I will add the security this week and be ready to deploy to the training node this week. For those who just want to try out the service without compiling you can go here to download the GAR.
This service was developed for several types of scenarios in mind and are:

· Connecting to the service while on the same machine
· Connection to the service over the internet

Since the Grid Viewer, the component that Peter is developing, will be running on the same machine, it make more sense for him to use the components geared for connecting to the core service implementation so that it does not have to incur the overhead of the full client implementation. Yesterday we were trying out the client but not having all the environmental variable set correctly on his machine, caused us to run into issues. I am hoping Dan will work with me to get this straighten out. Over all this stresses a need to get a staging internal grid node set up. I am hoping to work with Dan to get this going this week. The result will make our efforts more efficient.
For others who wish to connect to the service directly via the Grid infrastructure, the client implementation is best used scenario. Again this component is included in the distribution. All of these descriptions are captured in the AMDS Biosense Wiki. More to come....

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