Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Updates to the AMDS draft

After Tom received some feedback from Farzad Mostashari, we changed the AMDS schema a bit to make it more usable.
Now Level 1 has:
Syndrome classifier
Age Group (0<2;2<5;5<18;18<54;54<65; 65+)
Patient State
Patient Zip (either zip3 or zip5)
Date Start
Date End (in at least 1 day increments)

We removed denominator as that's not really necessary (since you can query for all syndromes).

Level 2 (not developed yet):
Detailed Geography

Also, Dr. Lenert created different stages of access support for AMDS:
Stage 0: Scheduled transfers of AMDS documents to a supernode/central database
Stage 1: AMDS data available using secure grid services
Stage 2: AMDS data de-duped via secure grid services
Stage 3: AMDS data de-duped and combined together from multiple nodes (although after Stage 1, results can be combined together)

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