Monday, January 5, 2009

Setting up the locational library.

Well, right before I went off for the holidays, I completed the part of the gmap polygon libraries that would easily provide javascript for an array of polygons.

Now, I am in the process of building lists so that any application that wants to provide locations will be able to get lists of states, zip3's in said states, and zip5s in said zip3s. That, and improving the graphic awareness to be able to center on given areas after they are selected.

This of course means massaging large KML lists, and discussions on what would be most useful to someone trying to build their own databases on their own systems. Right now it seems the best answer would be "Comma delimited files", considering every database has a way to very quickly ingest such files.

I also am happy to have gotten some examples of text massaging using macros, and am once again making sure to earmark some time in the new year for basic scripting niftiness, namely because there are just some times when creative uses of grep and regular expressions will do so much more with a file than trying to create a SAX parser.

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