Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Update on Collaboration with SatScan on Cloud

Ron Price and I chatted yesterday about some progress that he has made with the SatScan on the cloud service;

I have build a simulation dataset with 53,018 random points within NC, SC, and GA that is based upon a RODS dataset that was provided to me.

I am working with a statistician in NCZVED to write scripts to automatically generate SatScan parameter files (.prm) as well as case files (.cas), population files (.pop) and coordinate files (.geo) that would all be used as inputs
to the SatScan batch mode (for the grid service).

Also, I have emailed the CCID TB group several singular genotype spatial cluster maps as examples as well as built one web mapping service to visualize spatial clusters. It is my hope that Ron and I can collaborate on a demo of the grid service and simulated data to reignite the interest of the CCID TB epidemiologists.

Jim Tobias

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