Monday, January 26, 2009

PoiConDai II, revenge of PoiConDai

So, Poicondai II (Which I think is going to be called "PoiCenDai" because they are just called poison centers not poison _control_ centers anymore) is in the works.

The new service that will be feeding PoiCenDai is going to be giving back a lot more complex information, namely count aggregations based on region and time. Dr. Jeremy Espino has recommended Apache CXF as the service handler (which is basically the next generation of Apache AXIS, which will allow for this new PoiCenDai to work with globus that much more seamlessly should we need to distribute its operations on the grid) and using JAXB as the object marshaller (At least I am anticipating this because the last poison center webservice returned the data as an XML "any" stream with a "schema" stream)

Thus, the PoiCenDai service is going to need to take a command, determine the output type, marshal it all out, and then take the results and filter them into the appropriate regional polygons which were also drummed up with the help of the Gmap Polygon libraries.

Thus it's becoming one of those little moments where it's awkward figuring out where to start, whether I delve in with the new technologies for objectifying the PoiCen data, or start planning ways to keep methods for stuffing PoiCenDai data into polygons simple and relatively agnostic to JSPs.

I think I am going to focus on making the stubs for PoiCenDai closer to the JSP side for a couple of reasons... First off, I have just been dealing with the JSP end of things so it will be an easy bridge, second is that I am not sure of the service endpoints and will need to fiddle with JAXB and CXF and it would be good to know where the resulting objects are going to go.

Of course this is all liable to change as assumptions will probably be made and then be proven wrong or not feasible. Another wacky day in coding big enterprise type things.

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