Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Polygon Centroid Updates.

So, I have gotten the table and the logic set up for centroids so that the map will automagically zoom in on selected states and zip3s, but I need to tweak a few things and ran out of time today. I am hoping to get things set tomorrow morning, move some of the java-in-jsp code I have made into the actual helper java bean, and then plan out a migration of the sample to the staging node for a Thursday demo (so other people can tinker with the gmap polygon drawer).

After that, it is time to sit down with all the NPDS sample services and see if I can't get the NPDS-service that Dr. Jeremy Espino put together (who has already suggested a bevy of new technologies to look at) working with some of the new constructs and creating new time-series to put into the polygons.

Then it is a hop-skip and debug session from the new NPDS demo, which will be the marriage of the gmap-polygon tech with the new NPDS service.

I'm hoping it shall be sufficiently nifty.

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