Wednesday, January 14, 2009

DRN Notes

DRN Notes:

Current error message:
An error has occurred, error message = java.lang.ClassCastException: org.globus.gsi.gssapi.GlobusGSSContextImpl

Actions Taken:

1.Verified that a valid proxy was created for the SST Client side
2.Verified all Globus user and host certificates were installed with the correct permissions.
3.Checked the grid-mapfile to verify the remote user DN was mapped to a valid user account
4.Created a simpleTransfer directory at the default location. (Permissions may need to be changed – Action for tomorrow)
5.Verified the permissions were set correctly for containercert.pem and containerkey.pem
6.Viewed the Tomcat server.xml to verify the paths for the cert, key, and cacertdir variables were set correctly
7.Decided to do a full service SST redeploy. Currently in progress - Shut down Tomcat and deleted the webapps/caGridTransfer and wsrf directories
8.Remote Admin had to leave during the operation. We will continue the redeploy first thing in the morning.

Next Steps:

1.Start Globus via VDT
2.Run the globus-deploy-gar command on the SST gar file
3.Shutdown VDT Globus
4.Redeploy Globus to Tomcat
5.Start Tomcat
6.Test Transfer

Other Notes:

We were able to generate output with the SAS code and the SAS Template that was provided by Roy.

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