Tuesday, January 6, 2009

package changes and SVN

So, most of this morning was spent doing some data file massaging into CSVs, which were then loaded into the postgresql database.

It was sort of humbling, because my prior approaches were to build a big parser library and then spend another day or two debugging it. In this case, I just took the files, got a macro on them, and them told the database to import them. The result is I spent just 2/3rd of a day getting all the data I wanted in the right spot. The thing that will be bad is I'll have to do it all again (well, probably spend 1/3 of a day) when database updates need to be made, then again, I probably would have to tweak things in my loader scripts if they needed to be made, and it's still the same cost to the end user... and in fact probably less. Before it was download files, download code, adjust properties, package, build, run. Now it's download CSV, create table in database, import CSV into table in database. Yeah. It's easier now.

Otherwise, there are lists of relational data (all the zip3s in Nevada, all the zip5s in a given zip3, etc). Now I get to start building the code libraries that will serve it up as needed. Before I did that I had to do a package update... which involves changing one line in a lot of places.

Luckily eclipse handled the refactoring for me beautifully, and it terribly broke the subversion management of it all. Thus, I spent the rest of the day deleting out the appropriate files and committing the changes by hand.

Tomorrow is the implementation of the lists, and updating documentation for the loader and the list-libraries and, well, everything else.

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