Tuesday, December 2, 2008

That popping is my paradigms shifting without a clutch.

So, for the past couple of days I have been cleaning up the rodsadai projects in anticipation of giving rodsadai polygons.

Then, we all got together and decided that the next step should actually be a generalized set of code that can return polygons given some sort collection of spatial and time series.

This lead to more discussion about how such a suite of code would behave, what pieces should go where, and a lot of "oh dear, I don't know how google maps would be able to tell the page outside of google maps what google maps is doing." The standard batch of logistics, heuristics, and metaphysics that goes into any good refactor.

Thus, all my paradigms have shifted... and I am very appreciative that Felicia will be here to help me with some of the AJAX/JavaScript and Struts/Spring stuff that I am not too familiar with.

Thus, look forward to lots of little posts like "I got the page to reload without reloading when you zoom to a certain level in google maps!" and other such stuff.

I think I'll call this latest suite of code daigon.

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