Monday, December 15, 2008

RODSA-DAI Script for NHIN Demo

In order to support the demonstration of the RODSA-DAI services tomorrow morning at the 5th NHIN Public Forum, John and I wrote a script to explain our PH scenario.

It goes something like this:
1. This is all sample data
2. The counts and colors are not statistically meaningful. This is for demonstration purposes only.
Two public health data providers with overlapping catchment areas assist a local epidemiologist with biosurveillance. In this scenario, the systems do not share detailed data electronically due to technical or policy incompatibility.
As a part of his routine work, a county epidemiologist must check to see if there is a cumulative spike in flu activity in the region. He can do this by sending a query for ‘fever’ to a service on each node. This query is based on a draft AMDS that is mapped to each system.
• Step 1 – Launch page ( You will see that NCPHI Server is ‘on’. This shows data from the NCPHI research lab node, with the pin points representing counts of cases of fever per ZIP Code. When the user mouses over the pin for ZIP 15227, it is Green, indicating 10 cases.

• Step 2 – Click NCPHI Server ‘off’ and DallasServer ‘on’, and press submit. This map shows data from the other node, again with counts of fever per ZIP code. ZIP 15227 is Yellow, with 14 cases.

• Step 3 – Check both boxes, press submit and you will see the cumulative count. As a result of this query, you will see that ZIP code 15227 is now Red, with 24 cases.


John McLamb said...

So is this demo script and web site listed going to be used "live" during the 2:45 PM – 3:45 PM
Session 5 – Demonstration: Biosurveillance: Coordinating a Nationwide Approach?

Brian Alexander Lee said...

Actually, this was for the 1015 session on Tuesday, Dec 16. But our demo got squeezed out due to time constraints. It was to be a live demo of the RODSA-DAI services.

Session 5 showed a live demo of BioSense data working with NHIN.