Thursday, December 4, 2008

Design Patterns, I choose you.

Still migrating and refactoring the code that I already wrote for poicondai into the new Gmaps-Polygon code, I know, I know, I wanted Daigon too, but really, there isn't any DAI to this peice, just maps and polygons.

Which brings us to our next piece: trying to make sure that gmap-polygon is both elegant and relatively simple. Poicondai had a lot of duplicated code (not ideal) a lot of java inside the JSP pages (also not ideal) and a lot of commented out code and stuff that isn't necessarily called (once again, not ideal).

Thus, I am trying to make things pretty (relatively speaking) with lots of interfaces (so that if the way something is handled needs to be made radically different, you don't have to modify the original working code and can just use a different interface.) I am also catching myself making classes that are nearly identical and going "waitaminute, this can be done with one class and a smaller class that handles the differences". The end result is I am moving from things like state polygons and county polygons and zip polygons (with lots of duplicated code) into one "region polygon" that happens to have different handlers (thus, if you need a polygon from a zipcode, you create a regionpolygon with a zipcodehandler.. that way the polygon code isn't duplicated... and it becomes pretty clear and simplistic how to put everything together (to get a zip3 polygon, just use a zip3handler...)

I'm kind of excited about the code this will generate. I think what I turn out will be easily adaptable into a lot of these "I want a colored polygon for google maps javascript control" applications we (and maybe even other people/groups) will be creating.

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