Wednesday, December 10, 2008

ColorHandler updated, and boy is it huge.

Well, it seems that having a range-conscious coloring object is a bit more difficult than even I was expecting, especially considering that I am allowing the use of nulls to mean "there is no limit, therefore it is infinite" for things like "all cases equal to or less than 0 need to have white shading" and "all cases above 20 need to have red shading".

But, I got it to build, which means I wasn't blowing up something obvious. Tomorrow I will saddle up the test harness for the color processor and run it through it's paces.

Then, it is building a very simple popup handler with a simple template. Here's to hoping it is simple.

Alas, this means it might be until friday before I have another good tester of the GMap Polygon jsp (but hopefully, it will be very small and just sort of go 'create grid map object, draw grid map object'.

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