Monday, December 22, 2008

A plague of ticks (and by ticks, I mean little truncating errors)

So, I am sort of excited because I think that I am ready with Gmap Polygon, but on Friday I noticed that some of the polygons weren't getting drawn well at all, namely because the polygon strings (long lists of coordinates separated by spaces) were way too short and were getting cut off.

So today I spent a lot of time monkeying around with the little SAX engine I was using, and now I am sure my issue is that I need to just not use the sax engine anymore, because while it was a quick class and rather fast, it is really screwing up some of the stuff I am trying to do and some of the cases I am trying to handle and I am no further along figuring out how to make it stop doing that.

So tonight, I am going to read up on JAXB and maybe work a tutorial, and tomorrow, I hope to get this fixed.

Otherwise, there are some other fun questions about what everything will end up looking-like and how crazy some borders are. It seems that zip3s can be inside other zip3s and it also might seem there are more than one area covered by a zip3. I guess that's what happens when you base your centers on mailing routes. Zip3s have a lot of 'outer boundaries', that make me wonder about the best way to store the polygons, we might have to go to a many to one relationship.

I'll keep ya'll posted, and hopefully there will be a cool little demo app soon next year, or even cooler, my mapper on top of Felicia's RODS service.


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