Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Project Mgmt Update

A lot of moving parts, so at the suggestion of the team, thought it'd be good to note the important happenings:

1. A PH Grid Charter draft has been produced and is currently in review by program staff.

2. A draft PH Grid Project schedule is being drawn up now, with the first draft nailed down by Friday COB.

3. We are preparing for a Poison Control visit tomorrow (nice work on the demo, Peter), where we will have a tour of the lab, and discuss two major topics. A) future enhancements to the Poi Con web service and B) Poi Con web service security requirements

4. We are working with ESRI, the NCPHI lab, and South Carolina to get the PH-DGINet nodes, services, and demos working as they were post-PHIN. Some changes to all the environments have led to poor communication handoffs on my end.

5. We have received feedback on the proposed AMDS, and we will be working internally by the end of the week to discuss next steps.

6. Tom Savel and I have discussed how best to recruit and provide nodes (be them DGINet or Globus) to state and local health agencies. Right now, a multi-prong approach including possible regional collaborative coordination, HIE recruiting, GIS community recruiting, and program priorities is recommended. If you have any ideas or any interest in having a node (especially if you are a public health department or some of your best friends are public health departments), please let me know.

7. A draft PH Grid security policies document and conceptual architecture has been produced. Please let us know if you're interested in seeing either.

8. Next week: AMIA demos

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