Friday, November 7, 2008

Minimum Node Hardware Specs

We've been getting some chatter about what hardware is required to run Globus and PH-DGInet nodes (combined as a PHGrid node). The idea is that the node has very little important data and really just runs simple web services, it can run on commodity hardware.

So the initial spec we're working with is something like:
2GHz processor
1GB RAM (Linux) / 1.5GB RAM (Windows)
8GB HardDisk storage for Globus / 10GB HardDisk storage for PH-DGInet (mainly the geospatial databases)

So the spec looks like a top of the line server from the year 2000. Nowadays this should be something like a mac mini ($599) or something more respectable like a Dell PowerEdge 1U server (about $700). Note that both of these blow away the processor specs (because they are dual core and quad core) and hard disk specs.

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