Monday, November 17, 2008

Prepping for new rodsadai

So, today I spent some time prepping for the poicondai loader load of a lot of zip code polygons into a database.

But a lions share of the day was spent setting up the shiny new secure tomcat installation on the staging node. Also known as "boy, I love being able to configure different ports!"

So, the window for taking down the node and updating RODSAdai to call secure tomcat is tomorrow... but that didn't stop us from making sure we couldn't set up secure globus and make some ogsadai calls to it. That took a little bit of time mainly because the tarball I set up apparently broke or was not happy in it's new environment, so we had to build a new one from scratch.

Many thanks to Felicia and Dan for pretty much doing most of the footwork before me so all I had to do was go "get this, put that there, lemme check... yay!" Dan was awesome with the configuration and Felicia knew most of this stuff from having to deal with it before a couple of times.

Tomorrow is loading polygons, updating build styles, and starting the poicondai-web modifications.

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