Tuesday, November 18, 2008

AMDS Sample Structure

So Jeremy and I have been tossing some ideas back about an initial draft for the AMDS data structures. Based on discussions led by Tom Savel on what fields should be included in the AMDS, we're going to start testing development using a basic AMDS that includes:

  • Date

  • Patient Zip3

  • Syndrome

  • Syndrome Classifier (i.e. which classifier was used to assess the syndrome)(e.g. BioSense, EARS, RODS, ESSENCE, etc.)

  • Count

  • Denominator (i.e.total count of all syndromes for that zip3 on that date)

Felicia is starting to think about converting the RODS-HDS service (developed to meet this feature request) to RODS-AMDS to meet the draft xml structures. These xml structures are very lightweight and we will modify them as the AMDS data structure undergoes changes based on scientific comment.

The next step is to add the sample xml and schemas to the wiki so we can start getting comments in. Based on comments, we will start to plan services that provide BioSense VA and DoD sample data using the AMDS structure so that it can be combined with RODS data (and eventually EARS, ESSENCE, other systems).

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