Thursday, November 20, 2008

Grid Enabling Existing/Legacy Applications With gRAVI

I recently wrapped SatSCan in a grid service using gRAVI and gRAVI treated me
well. gRAVI can be downloaded as an Introduce plugin and it is designed to wrap
a grid service around an executable. Your job can then be treated as GRAM job
which is great because the status of the job is then represented via GRAM (staging, running, finished, ...). Also, by default gRAVI stages your files in for you and transfers your results back to you via byte array. I think in gRAVI 1.4 will support the following transfer mechanisms: gridFTP, byte array, caGrid Transfer.

If you need to grid enable an existing/legacy application I highly recommend gRAVI. It will save you time.

Anyway, I just started my second iteration on grid enabling SatSCan and I have some work to do on the client plus the Cloud is on the horizon for this service. I better get back work:)

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