Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Daily Lab / POC Activities

  • Demonstrated grid functionality to the Project Management Office
  • Provided grid documentation to Peter and instructed him on accessing the grid
  • Pittsburgh node is still having time sync issues. (Check skew error) Jeremy is working to correct the issue.
  • Peter is currently researching extending MonaLisa and WS MDS functionality

Demo Commands:

grid-proxy-init -verify

3rd Party Transfer from Dallas
globus-url-copy -dbg gsi gsi


globus-url-copy -dbg file:///home/ken/gridtesting gsi

RFT of HL7 file from Atlanta to Tarrant

rft -h -f /tmp/rft.xfr

Submit a Job to WSGRAM:
globusrun-ws -submit -c /bin/rm /tmp/hello*
globusrun-ws -submit -c /bin/true
echo $?
globusrun-ws -submit -c /bin/false

WebMDS Services (Show RFT Status)

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